Welcome Back! (Database Wipe) 01/29/2017 at 12:09AM

Welcome back Z-Warriors! Our former database has been wiped. Sadly, this has resulted in a deletion of all accounts and a reset of past in-game history that includes win average, ratio, highest streak, and more. This was a necessary process to improve the game as a whole and finally put out the long awaited, Dragonverse. A brand new area of the game and a step closer to Beta. With this being said, us the Budokai-Online staff have awarded all of our patient and loyal players the access to all 20 playable characters and all of their skills until we make the transition from Alpha to Beta. This update we hope will be the most enjoyable for all players. Please let us know if you discover any bugs or glitches that Dragonverse or the game itself may have. You may private message any of the staff for our public community Discord for additional and real time assistance with any issues or bugs you may have with the game. Oh.. and one more thing! We will not go easy on your planets!

Budokai Online Admin ~ Danny